Complete Foot & Ankle Care in Marysville, WA

Marysville Foot & Ankle Clinic provides complete foot and ankle care for all ages of patients, from children to adults. We offer pediatric, geriatric, and diabetic foot care. When you're experience foot or ankle pain, turn to the Marysville Foot & Ankle Clinic.

Pediatric Foot Care

Children just like adults can develop various types of foot and ankle issues from accidents and improper-fitting shoes. If your child is experiencing foot pain, come to Marysville Foot & Ankle Clinic for an examination.

Geriatric Foot Care

It is common for some foot issues to arise due to aging. However it is important to take note of any pain or discomfort as this could be a sign that more serious medical issues exist.

Diabetic Foot Care

It is highly imperative to take excellent care of your feet if you have diabetes. Lower-limb amputations are common in those with diabetes due to improper foot care. We recommend having a thorough foot examination once every year to ensure your optimal foot health.
For more information about our quality foot care, call Marysville Foot & Ankle Clinic today at 360-653-3354.